Someone with a vinyl or stencil cutter: Can you cut an epitaph for me?


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Hi all,

I'm in need of some quick help & I'm hoping someone at the RPF can come through.

I basically need a stencil of a few epitaphs for some tombstones I'm making for Halloween (not a movie prop but a prop nonetheless). The idea is that I'm going to lay the stencil down over the foam, spray paint it and let the paint eat away where the letters are to give it an etched & weathered look. (An alternative is to do the opposite and let the letters remain and spray away the "rest" of the tombstone face.)

Does anybody have access to something like this or this or some other kind of stencil cutter? Doesn't have to be vinyl, could be paper too... or whatever. Honestly I'll take what I can get. ;)

I'd need to have it in-hand by this time next week and I'd pay a reasonable amount if you can help.

Please respond here with any questions.

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I have a better idea. If you are using plain old expanded polystyrene / styrofoam (i.e. styropor) then you can use a soldering iron and burn the lettering into the foam with quite some accuracy, and then go over the edges with a heat gun. The heat gun will work away on the edges and harden them, also very good for a nice and rough overall texture.

But be aware that you need to do this in a well ventilated area and (!) wear a breather mask.


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I shaped the foam with a hotwire foam cutter so I'm aware of the noxious gasses. :sick

I just don't have that steady of a hand. I tried it on some scrap with the hotwire knife and it just looks like I wrote something on the tombstone. This is why I was looking for something that was cut already.


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Do you have the ability to pick different fonts?

The longer one I wanted was one of the ones from Disney's Haunted House. I need it in 4 centered lines with line breaks like:

Dear Departed Brother
He Chased A Bear
Into A Cave

15-16 inches across from the "D in Dearly to the "r" ending Brother. Height would just be as tall as it needs to be to fit within the 15 inch width.

The second would be:



These words can be about 8-10 inches across. Whatever works.

Please let me know if this is even feasible or if something isn't clear.
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