Some posters I just picked up


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I just picked these up from a friend of mine who's a tattoo artist and on his free time does alot of movie art.




If you guys wanna see more of his stuff, you can check out
Crimson Empire Tattoo & Piercing and just look under the merch page for more.

You can also check him out on facebook where he has alot more pictures.

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Man, if I had the money and the space....


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Love the Evil Dead and Gremlin ones! I checked out the site but didn't see those, does he still sell them?
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Yeah, I just noticed that like half of his stuff isn't on the website. He's got tons of stuff, I just don't think it's photographed. He has a wicked ghostbusters one.

All of his prints are for sale.

His email is

I'm sure if you ask, he can send you pictures of the rest of his stuff.


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I just picked this one up from him today aswell.


This friday i'm going to calgary entertainment expo where i'll get to meet my idol and get him to sign this.


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11 by 17 inches are $30
18 by 24 inches are $100
24 by 36 inches are $125
Plak mounted prints at 24 by 36 inches are $300

I get mine in the 18x24 because they look top notch and because there are so many that I want that if I get any bigger, I'll have 0 room but that's personal preference. They come on really high quality photographic paper (or at least thats what it looks like to me)

I've beeen seriously contemplating getting the ninja turtles one on the plaque mount. One of my buddies has the plague mounted ninja turtles one in his booth at the shop and I wanted to steal it from him. Hahaha


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Hey mike, he updated his facebook with all of his art and larger images. The ghostbusters and big lebowski are up now :D
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