Some Planet of the Apes movie prop & costume displays


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We've set up a new gallery on the site for some of the Planet of the Apes related displays we've done. From custom mannequins (essentially turing loose costumes into complete lifesize character statues) to smaller prop displays, we've worked on a bunch in the past and have added several new ones in today's update.

Beneath the Planet of the Apes - we've created a custom rock-look display for James Gregory's General Ursus pistol. The foam carved rock angles back and two acrylic rods support it. Archival foam is hidden behind the gun to keep it from rubbing against the display form. A custom metal plaque finishes it off!

Escape from the Planet of the Apes - A similarly themed display (for the same collector) featuring a pair of Roddy McDowall's boots, worn as part of his Ape-onaut suit.

Tim Burton POTA Remake - While a lot of folks (myself included!) have issues with the 2001 Planet of the Apes flick, the costumes really are amazing up close. The chimps we worked on were absolutely loaded with textures and details and the background masks, created by Rick Baker's Cinovation Studios, put some foreground stuff I've seen to shame! Incredible sculptures with every hair hand punched! We created two full figures from two different costumes, with customized mannequins, themed bases and sculpted eye inserts with glass eyes. One shown below, the other can be found on our site.

I've also added a pic of another project from Beneath the Planet of the Apes - one that's been on the site for a while but it's too fun not to show off again. Dr. Zaius' naked Orangutan costume from the sauna scene. We did the custom mannequin, the rustic bench and the towel. The fur body suit is original and the head is a modified Apemania head.

For more pics of each, view our youtube video about these projects: Planet of the Apes Displays Youtube Video

To see more original prop and costume displays, visit our site: Movie Prop and Movie Costume Displays

Please be sure to LIKE our Facebook page if you want to see stuff like this before anyone else. We update all the time! Tom Spina Designs | Facebook

Thanks for looking!

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I have a pair of the Human Child Leggings and I have a Ape Royal Sash, both with COAs that I find amazing the amount of detail on the leggings. Both from the Tim Burton Film. Honestly I'm wishing that I could find them a new home.
Is'nt that the truth, talked to a friend of mine that told me he pretty much bought up everything POTA related and will be selling stuff for a while, I'm glad I got them at the price I did, but they really are'nt up to what I thought they would be.
Tom made some awesome displays with original poa props and costumes. He has since done another zaius display from the cage scene for me and is working on caesar from conquest chained to the olelisk in the auction scene. youcan check out these pieces plus many other original poa props ,costumes,weapons i have at
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