Some photos from my first photo shoot, Perth Western Australia


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Shooting in a jungle setting I'm sure is every Predators dream!

Your height looks great in the costume, you look much taller! I'm 6'2" and getting my Predator costume this weekend I have 3" heels built in the feet so looking forward to towering over others in it.


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So that will make you 6'5"? OMG that will be awesome. I enjoy doing jump scares at Comic Cons, where folks are concentrating on buying something, and I get close beside them until just into their peripheral vision and when they turn around, a give them a loud growly 'hello' and wait for the screams.


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No doubt you will post photos when you get your suit. Can't wait to see them. I made my suit mainly out of bits of waste materials and then built on it bit by bit. The retractable blades and animatronic canon are my latest achievements.
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