Some of the things I've made, just wanted to show them


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Hi, I love to create things, and i wanted to show some them here, for now I only picked out some clay sculpts.

and a ventriloquist werewolf (WIP pics) i made for my son last Halloween. My son painted his fantasy werewolf when he was about 6 years old, (he named him Breeder, I don't know why)... Along came Jeff Dunham, so long story sort, Breeder had to come to life.



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@Moses23 GOW, that's a game right? I'm not really into that, but as I can imagine the graphics and fantasy they use nowadays in games I say; Thanks :))

@crackerjazz Thanx! but please tell me, you know Rango ;-))


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Some very nice sculpting you got there goin' Rango!! I love the werewolf, and the story that goes with it. Anyone creating their kid's fantasy werewolf, is a number one parent in my book :)

Keep us posted on anymore work you do,



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@Dutchman; Thanx! Maybe I should have given "Breeder" the lead in this thread with larger pics. I'ts my latest work, and I love it myself. :)


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Awesome. You do this for a living as well ?

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Btw, i'm in Amsterdam. Wherabouts are you ?



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Awesome sculpting man! I really want to get more into sculpting and do some figure work. I'd like to take a break from the ships a Cylons and whatnot and do some figures. Thanks for sharing.


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@wasili, No, i'm not doing this for a living. Unfortunate I'm not much of a business-woman, so the most of these sculpts i've made for friends/free
Ah well, I had lots of fun making them, and if I can make someone happy with it. that's oke.
I'm near Rotterdam by the way.

@Undderdog If you feel like it, just go for it! I'd love to see your sculpting skills
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