Some of my stuff


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Hello, im new here, well, joined back in '10, havent really posted, but heres some of my small collection, mainly collect mask, but i will post some pics of my props later

first is my first michael myers mask i have ever owned, it was painted by me and haired by a friend, its a killing machine, and it sits ontop of a dummy i built wearing a pair of my old red kaps

next is a replica of the killing mask worn by gunner hansen in the 1974 classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it is an old rubies mask i repainted and hand stitched with real leather lace

and here is a replica of the killing mask from the chainsaw massacre remake, this mask was made by MMFX and its the Mr. Skinster

and heres a pinhead mask my cousin gave me a while back

thanks for looking and im glad to be on this fourm!!!! :)