Solo Tobias Beckett's DL-44 Carbine


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I come with a question. The rear of the AW custom solo blaster looks like it has a slot in the back of the broom handle grip. I have found some wooden stocks for the M712 and the C-96 that look like it may fit.

I though about getting a stock to see if it would clip to the broom handle and then tear down the stock and remake it in fashion of the DL-44. However, I really only need the hardware that mates to the broom handle.
Mauser C96 RED 9 WW1 Shoulder Stocks 009.jpg

Does anyone know what this is called or where to find it?


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Oh no, I'm afraid I just blue myself. Was it something I said?
No, I think you are right on. Based on the pics of the prop they used that connector and a modified stock. I'm shocked nobody made a kit of the carbine add-ons. I would have gotten on that.


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I was hoping to be able to dismantle the latching mechanism and replace the release lever with a piece of machined aluminum to match the prop.


It looks like they wanted a long release button to make it easier for the on screen dismantling.

Its been a while since I've tackled a prop build so maybe I should take stock of my life, get a handle on this project and just go ahead and pull the trigger. Worse case scenario my failed project becomes the butt of some jokes...

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