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I'm putting together an ESB Solo for Halloween. I got a pair of Soviet Officer's boots and they are perfect, except I have no idea how I'll get the pants inside them. They come up to just below the knee and that upper is pretty snug.

Has anyone else bought a pair of these? What's the best way, if any, to loosen them up so it's possible to get your pants leg inside it?

Hmmm... I think the important part is the pants. They should have the little strap that goes around the foot- like this:

I understand the need for stirrups on the pants, but when I put the boots on there are so tight around my calf that I'm not sure there is room for the pants. I don't have huge calfs or anything.
Stirrups is definitely the way to go...

If the boots are too tight around your calves then just stretch them out a little. The easiest way is to pick up a couple of footballs. Dampen the leather in the calf area, deflate the footballs, place them in the boots and re-inflate them until they are snug. Each time pump them up a bit to gradually stretch the boots until they fit properly with the pants.
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