Done / Completed Solid aluminum Beskar Steel («COVID BRICKS») - SOLD OUT


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I'm thinking to make a limited amount of solud aluminum blocks with milling, engraving and texturing. Heavy. Durable. Screen accurate.
Would anyone like to buy it? :)

UPD 04.12.19:
I'm waiting for the sample to be produced. It will be 100 pieces limited run.
30$ for each piece +
- 10$ for delivery of 1 piece
- 15$ for delivery of 2-3 pieces
- 20$ for delivery of 4-6 pieces
- 25$ for delivery from 7 pieces

UPD 06.12.19:
I'll increase the size by 30%. It will be 130mm in length.
If someone has the size of a real Beskar, there is about a week to change it

UPD 13.12.19:
01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg

In the small hands:
01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg

UPD 16.12.19:

The good news: due to the high number of people willing, I will make more than 100 pieces, that will be enough for all
The terrible news: my manufacturer increased the price (due to a 30% increase in size and etching instead of engraving).

The weight of the item will also increase, but I will not change the delivery price, a change in price will cover the costs.
So my final offer will be:

35$ for each piece +
- 10$ for delivery of 1 piece
- 15$ for delivery of 2-3 pieces
- 20$ for delivery of 4-6 pieces.

The weight limit for sending is 2 kg, so 6 pieces is the maximum quantity that I can send in one package.

UPD 16.01.20:


All the details are ready. You can see the final result on MY POST.

UPD: april 2020
You can order it now. Just fill the form and read the info inside.
I would like to warn that due to widespread quarantine, there is the possibility of increasing delivery times that do not depend on me.
I will visit the post office 2 times a week and will sending the tracking-number on email.

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