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This is a fiberglass Imperial TIE Pilot helmet, chest box and stand. It was made by Portumac. He sent me the original Don Post plaque but this is NOT a Don Post. There's a little more to the story but I'm going to let sleeping dogs lie.

I had the helmet and chest box professionally painted by a Hollywood prop guy around a decade ago. At that time, I also added the metal greeblies. I'm not exactly sure what made me think there was a second metal detail on the ear but there it is. I believe we were still in the SD age so references weren't as good.

There are some small chips and cracks in the helmet and back of the chest box. I'm able to provide detailed images if you're interested. I've invested more than twice what I'm asking but I need to make some room so I'm hoping the price is considered reasonable for a unique piece...even if it isn't totally accurate.

Buyer will pay actual shipping. It weighs around 13 pounds so it will unfortunately be pricey to ship.

Anyway, there you have it. It is a great display piece.


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