SOLD: Chronicle Collectibles CAIN Maquette with 1:6 scale Bonus Remote

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Hey all!

I've decided that its time to part ways with my Cain maquette. I'm looking to pick up more 1:1 scale prop replicas so I'm slowly selling my maquettes.

$1499 + s&h USD

For those of you who do not know the history of this piece, it was fabricated using the original master molds from the Master himself (Phil Tippett) and is also signed by the Legend.

This Cain is a 1:1 faithful replica of the original stop motion puppet used in Robocop 2 with a whopping 275 individual parts.

CC only produced 500.

I ordered directly from CC so as a bonus, I was given the 1:6 scale remote controller as seen in the photos.

This item did not come with all of the maquettes so this feature is even more rare.

I have the original product box but do not have the outer brown shipper.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I recently did a cross country move and I cannot find the Certificate of Authenticity + the bonus art... If I do manage to find them they will be included either at the time of shipping or I will send them if I can find them at a later date.

Shipping from Montreal QC. I will need to add insurance on this item based on the value (additional $40).

Depending on where I need to ship this to, shipping will range anywhere from $100-$300.

Customs fees will be the responsibility of the buyer so please check with you country's policies.

And please message me if you have any questions.

He is a showstopper!

NOTE: I would possibly be open to a cash + trade deal. I am looking for the following:

- King Arts Mjolnir Hammer (wall mounted version)
- Taurus Studio Daredevil Helmet with Glasses
- Taurus Studio Black Panther Helmet

Thanks again for your time!


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It's an amazing piece. Best of luck with the sale. I have one myself and it really is a show stopper.

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