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I'm currently R&D -ing a new costume I'm wanting to do. It's going to be somewhat an orginal design. Part of the suit will be syntheic rubber like soft suit similar in texture to the Crysis Nanosuit (pictured below). I'm not making the Crysis Nanosuit, and I'm not going for the syntheic musle look. I'm just trying to replicate the look and texture of the black parts of the suit.


The problem I'm having is trying to figure out the best way to make it. It will only be covering my torso, so I was thinking of making it out of Smooth-On Dragon Skin.
My questions to the community are:
What would be the best way to do this?
If I do go with the Dragon Skin idea, what would be the best way to make basically a textured long sleeve shirt out of Dragon Skin?
Finally, if there are any tutorials please let me know, and any help would be great.


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Hey Mate,

Unfortunate that you've got no interest on this page.
I've been researching my own design with a similar idea and the solution I came up with was neoprene. You can buy it with printed textures and even heat emboss it if you want a raised surface, looks very effective. Otherwise, I've seen people sew and glue Dragonskin to a neoprene undersuit for stuff like Halo and Mass Effect armour to keep it close fitting, but still get all the detail of flexible silicone.

All the best!
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