So THAT'S where all the TRON costumes went!

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by MrSinistar, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. MrSinistar

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    Neutron Dance (live) 1985 - YouTube

    I remember seeing this on YouTube a long time ago, but it got taken down before I can download it. Glad it's back up. Man, this probably explains why some of the helmets in the archive are so * beat up! :lol
  2. Apollo

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    :eek EEYIKES!!! :eek
  3. Nils


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    NTBBCPD Well-Known Member

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    Maybe they thought it was the NewTRON dance!
  5. Werstrooper

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    I really wish i didnt click that link :(
  6. niennumb1

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    So that's what Tron would have been like if Flynn quit and it continued on an old IBM system with iTunes loaded on it!
  7. Robiwon

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    Holy Crap, born in '67, is that really the stuff I listened to as a teenager? I am so ashamed......
  8. micdavis

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    You should be.

    Disco really did suck. That was the prevailing noise at my High School.
  9. DaddyfromNaboo

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    Ah, when I close my eyes I´m back in ´85, listening to the Beverly hills cop soundtrack. And that video is almost as trippy, with those electrical parade floats... floating around...
  10. CelticRuins

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    WTF did I just watch -_-.
  11. Rogue

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    And then winding up the music teachers when you spend ages trying to work out how to play Axel F on the keyboards at school.

    Boo bee boobeeboo bah bo... :lol
  12. Contec

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    A couple of nice shots of Tron girls breast jiggles. NICE :)
  13. brutalmagic

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    Yeah, I'm with you on that one.
  14. Funky

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    I loved disco then and I still love it now. There's a reason it was so popular.

    Although...I'm not a fan of THAT song! :facepalm
  15. STpropguy76

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    I just read in a Mens Heath magazine where my Wife works (She is a Massage Therapist)
    an Interview Article about Jeff Bridges and he was talking about certain Props/Clothing from his Movies he got to keep like the "Dude's" Sweater from The Big Lebowski and his Tron costume.
    He says his Wife had dressed up in it one year for Halloween....
  16. defstartrooper

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  17. Lutso

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    I'm obsessed with cultural history, so I enjoyed this video because of the glimpses it provided into that era.

    That being said, I did not enjoy that video.
  18. Electronic Lids

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    Interesting yet amazingly irksome.
  19. hdtheater

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    I think I am going to be sick.

  20. kodiak33

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    So that is what it feels like to have Chuck Norris round house you in the nads...thanks for that.
  21. blakeh1

    blakeh1 Sr Member

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    3 movies, one shirt

    If Jeff Bridges has a favorite shirt, this is probably it... - Imgur
  22. Treadwell

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    This isn't disco, this is mid 80s. It's just pop.

    The song itself is okay. It's the usual eye-searing cheesy bad taste of WDW Live Entertainment (and TV Special production) that's painful. In any era.

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