So, my son wants to be Luke from ANH for Halloween - suggestions?

Jet Beetle

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Gone but not forgotten.
Brown pants - no problem
Shoes and wraps - no problem
belt - got it
lightsaber - yep

The Karate top is what I'm wondering about. A real karate top is too bulky - any suggestions where I can get something good or material I should use?

thank you


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Get an off-white Dockers type button down shirt ( all cotton) from value village/goodwill type second hand store. Trim off the button sections in front and shorten the sleeves. Do a quick hem on the edges, including the bottom edge.

If you can't sew, still cut the shirt to the little tyke's size and use fabric or hot glue for the hems.

Weather with coffee / tea stain...

and you can be off to Tosche station for some power converters.


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