So I got a Heiland...


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Thank you Chaim. You are always very helpful. I will PM you later. I will probably order the clamp from TCSS and I have the grips but still need to find the proper bulb release button assembly as well.


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I have the heiland with the better bottom, (grooves) but square charge holes... two step shroud with the wrong guts. I do like the look of the "guts" though....

I'm still going to Vader it up, but it's not going to be the most accurate.

Just went to check out TCSS for clamps and accidentally ordered the MPP.

I just wanted to see how much it would be with shipping and exchange, next thing I know I get a "order recieved". Ha!

Well... guess I'm good to go!

Keep up with this heiland build! I wanna see how mine may end up.
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So here it is right now, just waiting to order the new button from Roy when he finishes them!


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