So happy with this El Fett Deadpool mask!


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I was able to snap this one up from the junkyard for € 225 (about $ 240). I think this was a great price (I think they went for quite a bit more originally?). The mask looked good in the pictures, but I just loved it when it came in! I was looking for a good deadpool mask, but I guess it will not get any better than this. The craftsmanship is fantastic. It looks as if the mask comes right from the movie set. The red fabric, the aging, the construction, the eye-pieces,... everything looks great.

Still had black metal hat stand at hand that seems to have the perfect height.


My son also loves the mask, BTW ;):


So if somone is still looking for a good deadpool mask: the El Fett one is the way to go! No idea how "available" they still are? Did I just was lucky to be able to snap one up, or is El Fett still making them and offering them? I have no clue to be honest. But that this is a great mask replica, is without question!

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