So Fine a Gift - Smithing Hammer of Celebrimbor

So Fine a Gift – Smithing hammer of Celebrimbor

So my household has been playing Shadow of Mordor almost religiously since it came out. Each of us are doing a play through and we enjoy watching each other play. We also very much enjoy the Books, the Movies, the Lore, the Artwork, costumes and armors. So to see that this game has more than a Lord of the Rings Title is very refreshing.

My friends and I are smiths of sorts and make jewelry so I quickly latched onto Annatar’s gift to Celebrimbor. It is a very shiny hammer.

I plan on making it using MDF and styrene. Once I have the hammer shaped and finished correctly I will make a mold and cast it in smooth cast 300 with aluminum powder. The hope is that a powder coat and the white resin will give it a bright shine as opposed to using a black resin

In the scene where Annatar gifts the hammer you can clearly see that two more sets of hands could easily grasp it in the middle. If those hands are each 4in wide then the hammer is well over 12 in long. Celebrimbor is also a Noldorin elf. I put his height closer to 7ft which would make the hammer about 15 in long. Plus, in my experience a slightly larger prop is always better than one too small.

Here is the blueprint I drew up.

And here is the basic shape I cut out

I am not very happy with the size. It is about 15.5in long right now and feels too small.

I also need to figure out the runes. If anyone could get a clear picture or if the developers would say what is written there it would be very helpful. At this point I am starting to play with the idea of using Celebrimbor's name which means "silver-fist" or "hand of silver".

Silver-fist seems fitting enough



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the size seems small, but i would think you wouldn't need a huge hammer to make a ring. :)
Actually your assumption is very correct. The hammers we have at the shop are almost comically small. You should see the little ring anvil ar our desk. It's about the size of a soda can laid on its side.

Maybe my brain just wants to make everything bigger...


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Hello. I am hoping to tackle this project soon myself and I hope yours is still coming along well. My wife and I looked at the runes and she believe's they say "Forger of Rings" or "Forger of the Rings" (she can't tell is the descender is long enough for "of" or "of the"). I hope this helps and please keep updating this project.



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Hello, I know I'm a few years late to the party but I thought I'd try to add my input. I've been pretty obsessed with the Middle Earth series since Shadow of Mordor came out. I've been planning on making various different things over the last few years but haven't really been able to dedicate enough time to it until now. This thread was the only one I could find in my quick search of the internet so I thought I'd add what I had found as far as reference information.

2018-02-24 (8).png2018-02-24 (9).png2018-02-24 (10).png2018-02-24 (11).png2018-02-24 (12).png2018-02-24 (14).pngweta-workshop-design-studio-300-elven-mithril-hammer-pt.jpg

The screenshots are directly from the PC version of Shadow of Mordor where you can literally rotate the model 360 degrees, which you can't do in Shadow of War. Also included is a pretty good image from some of Shadow of War's promotional stuff that features a few isolated sections that are useful.

My personal ultimate goal is to model this in sketchup and to 3D print it out along with the matching chisel (which you can also see in Shadow of War's Appendices menu). Depending on how well that goes I also want to try to cast both in aluminum.