So...any Keepsake Ornament Club members?

Discussion in 'Collectibles' started by gjustis, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. gjustis

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    Anyone a part of this esteemed set? :)

    I, sadly, am not - I am trying with all my might to find a picture of an upcoming ornament release, and at this point I think I'm just going to need to find a member who might be gracious enough to snag a picutre for me from the Wishbook that was just released.

    Any slim chance someone here might be able to help out a pal? :)
  2. Shylaah

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    I collect but am not a member of the club for the early info release.
    But it's been my experience that stuff gets leaked all over the place,
    so give it a couple of days and I'm sure the information you seek will
    show up some place or other!


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