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I got the kit off a member on here back when i was buying badly made kits to practice on. I'm pretty sure it's a recast that they got off someone but i forgot whose name was on the box. When I saw Alan Castillo's thread about his lawgiver and it's issues I thought it was the same one but while close they are different.
At first i was going to sand down some parts and build them up to make up for some of the "issues" but as time went on I realized that short of me becoming a master propmaker it wasn't going to happen that way. So i had a Playstation 2 light gun I had been thinking of making into a custom Plasma Cutter from the Dead Space video games but then I realized it actually looked like a lawgiver of sorts.










So i cut the original Lawgiver as close to where the bad spot starts as I could and matched it up pretty well with the toy gun, oddly they fit pretty well. I am going to have to add material to the center of the toy gun so it's the right width but I think it looks good in these held together mockup pics.


I'm going to see what else I can fix up. I know i have to fill in and remove the lettering on the PS2 gun. Hopefully it works out pretty well. I call it the snub nose as it's noticeably shorter than the original. Oddly enough I realized the other half of the toy gun looks really good with a halo project so it's getting a custom grip :lol
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Wow didn't notice that. guess i forgot to resize a few lol. I'll reupload in a minute.
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Will follow this one for sure Wes ! :thumbsup

I assume you've replaced the pics (?), because I can see them perfectly.
I'll have to dig out the original front end tomorrow and see. It might just look smaller due to the shape.

A comparison of the barrels, I'd like to trim more off but the finger guard piece fits too well with the resin part and i have doubts about my scratch building abilities. I did trim about 1/4" off it though as i couldn't get it sanded flat to save my life. I sanded down the resin too, which was the only good part of it being soft resin.

It looks better now that I evened out both halves more. I had issues doing it even with my belt sander that has a table on it for some reason. I need to shim and fill it a bit once i add the filler to the barrel half to widen it.
I wanted to add an ammo mag but i have no clue where the ammo goes in the movie gun lol. I've started expanding the barrels to the thickness of the handle but the downside is, and i'm stupid for not realizing it, this makes the barrels oval. I think i can get around this by 1) putting in metal tubes and filling in the rest to give it a neat shape 2) come up with some odd story about it using oval ammo lol.
I'm using some cheap craft wood from lowe's to add width and if need be i'll shim it more with styrene. I have to cut out a few spots as i want to screw the one piece in. I drilled holes to fit the original posts and will use long screws to hold that part together. Once I get it filled I may pour in some fiberglass resin and let it dry to make sure nothing moves and add weight as it's going to be back heavy.





If this turns out good i may see if i can get one of our Dredd costumers on here to take pics with it for me.
I need to sand the crap out of the resin as the primer you see on there slid right off like it was nothing. I'd never seen that happen before.
I was looking at the original Eagle emblem on this as i was going to trace it but the thing looks like it was carved into the gun by a drunk 2 year old. It actually looks like the same one that Alan had on his so I'm still thinking that our guns had a single source at some point. I'll have to find another one. I'm also thinking of naming this thing but not sure yet.
I got the front end mostly done. I have to sand it all even as some of the wood parts are a bit long. I needs to fill all the gaps too. I'm thinking of doing a clear acryllic sheet in the bottom area so that it looks like the IR area on a remote/vcr or even a cellphone camera. I'm going to sand down the remains of the company name from the sides and put styrene parts in there with other stuff. i was going to just cover them with the styrene but i'll see what works best.





i flipped and rotated this one so it looks right side up

Now comes the fun art of finding a barrel for it. As I'm not sure I want one to portrude or not. I have one that's a part i got in a box of odds and ends i could use.

I'd of course fill in the holes around it and since there is a hole already in the barrel i could screw it down into the wood inside but it seems to take away from the design. If anything I'd probably have the barrel just pop out of the gun a tiny bit. I need to see if I have any PVC laying around the right size. i'd use dowel rod but you can always tell it's wood if you aren't careful. As for the camera/IR sensor area I have a clear red action figure stand that i'm going to cut a piece from and install it in that bottom area, recessing it a bit.
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Really tiny update. I found a lens from something in a trade i got and have cut it down, needs trimmed a bit more, to use as the main barrel. with a little paint I think it'll look good. I just have to do some work to get it in place. I'll get pics asap.
Finally some more update. Not much major. Got the two halves together, i need to do some shimming and filling and for sure the resin part needs alot more work but it looks better already. It's held together by a double ended screw (not the technical name for it).








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