Snowtrooper Helmet Interior, any info out there?


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After getting started with that Gino V2 ANH helmet, wanting to make an accurate interior, I've been thinking a lot about trying the same for the snowtrooper. I don't recall anyone really putting much focus into one, but based on limited reference and logic, I don't think the overall interior is really complicated. It could be assumed that they used the same basic star-shaped yellow foam as the padding.

The biggest question is this chin strap. Where does it originate from? A friend suggested the possibility of it coming from vintage ski goggles. Not entirely out of the realm of possibility, as searching yielded similar styles, more from an Italian brand as their goggle's bands varied from design, while other brands maintained a consistent theme or colors.

I'm still researching but wanted to throw this out here. I was even considering if perhaps what ever brand was used for the Rebel Hoth trooper's goggles might or could be related.

Then again, the only solid reference is from the Tour suit, and doesn't necessarily mean this was the same exact style in every helmet.




It's also been asserted that the chin strap is attached via the cap seen on the top-center of the helmet, but I feel that's speculation and needs more confirmation

It's certainly unfortunate that the recently auctioned helmet had no interior pictures taken.

The official description from the auction stated:

"Interior of dome is set with a construction-helmet suspension"

Let alone, we don't even know who ended up purchasing that helmet, so yea, in my mind, that helmet is "lost"


Broke this down, but realized the answer was there all here. It confirms the hard hat liner and that the chin strap is tied down to the sides of said hard hat liner. Still don't know what that yellow blob is though. It's rather clear that the liner has become dislodged, but still don't know if that cap at the top of the helmet plays any role in securing the hard hat liner

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