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Hey guys...I've been tasked with the job of creating a full size 1:1 scale prop of the E-Web heavy duty laser rifle thing... and with all this downtime for the xmas period I've been having a go at modelling it.
It's actually extremely dope when u really look at the detail of the presumably found parts.
If anyone has any more info or ref pics to contribute it would really help.
I've used mostly the SSC 1/6 scale model for modelling reference...which is pretty good but not 100% accurate to screen used

I've modelled the whole gun and the generator but will probably 3D print most of parts and fabricate the bigger stuff from scratch. No rush for this build as I've got a few props in the queue to clear first




The plan is to have a red light in the scope window and a blue light in the generator


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Hey Wavey...thanks so much for the ideas and input. I checked out your links but I reckon most parts will be cheaper to print than buy


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If you need some sizes I'll measure up the nab hubs, may help unravel the box dimensions.

The Teleflex part in the middle of the cannon was the predecessor to the part used as the steering rack for the Tie Fighter (issued 1960 to 1963) so they may share similar width measurements - I can size up that part too. I can't be 100% sure the Tie part is exactly the same but it does look very close.

Start warming up that printer lol


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OK, so time to pick up this thread again. I ended up printing virtually everything for this build including the whole generator box. I will still add a fair amount of hardware and greeblies though

So just joining and re-facing all the printed parts to start with. Generator and gun barrel first



A long ways to go yet but it's good to finally get underway on this one