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I am in the process of building a snowspeeder which will be my second model build. The first was a revell at-at walker. My son is just about to turn 5 and is a huge star wars fan. I saw star wars at the drive in when I was 5 when the movie first came out.. Anyway's both of us enjoy the movie's and toy's. I am a computer tech that works with hardware and enjoy working with my hands. I thought I would maybe get a model and though my son is young he will see the parts and the finished product after a build.
The first one was the AT-At walker a lot of fun, the painting weathering, sanding and was a easy but fun build. I painted a camo grey after priming, did not go with any green tint and weathered good.


I have really enjoyed doing this and really find it a therapeutic relaxing time. Now the fine molds snow speeder is a lot more detailed and intricate. I was hoping on maybe putting an led light or two behind the dash in the cockpit. I have a 3v small source that I can glue to the bottom to chenge the battery. any advice on where to place the small hole to run wire's or anything would be great. The led is connnected to a small switch I plan to incorporate so you just push a smll button and turn the light on and off. I get a little nervous when thinking of drill hole to run wire or mount the switch. I thought if the controlls in the panelk lit up maybe blue it would look cool.

I have a great work shop in my basement but no windows for ventilation (block windows) so I have constructed this paint box that has helped with painting overspray and fumes. This did not cost much at all to build. I used a old Power Supply out of an old PC and jumpered it to run a PC fan that had LED lights but not so much after a few coats. I bought a filter for a AC unit that I cut to fit and it works pretty well.


The snow speeder is a grey and black over all, I will prime most parts and paint taking my time.


I spent a few hours on these little guys, this is my second build so let me know what you think.. I really spent time getting all the detail and color done correctly.
I would like to install a harpoon but have mixed ideas on how to do it any suggestions? I thought of using almost like a name tag pulley that retracts and could get one from work but the speeder is a little smaller than anticipated.
As far is funning wire for led lights any help as well would be great.




I am blown away from what people are doing on this forum.. amazing..

Cool! I have that kit too, it's crazy small isn't it.:) I have some convertion plans for mine that'll take care of the problem areas for these release but first I need to finish my TIE. I'm gonna follow this thread with great interest, can't wait to see how yours turn out! Stellar paint job on the pilot!

You paint before assembling? usually when a model is overall same color you first assemble, putty wherever necessary and paint.

Thanks!, I just ordered a FM TIE today.. Thanks for the painting tips and checkig out what I am doing, total newbie here.. As far as running wire I look at the directions an try to anticipate how its going to go together but it is hard. What does everyone use for making holes for lights like in the dash? I know either cutting with exacto or dremel would work put the FM is so nice of a kit I want to light the cockpit and need to pick what button or what I want lit, or how do you plan out the lighting in a model kit before putting it together.

In the At-At pictured above, I had drilled out the windshield and painted clear plastic black that I used. This is after sanding and making certain it looked good, I was going to light the cockpit red. I had a switch in the perfect spot in the back, just a small on/off button. I made to me a dumb mistake and painted the button over not thinking of it and even though I went round in round with an exacto lets just say I had to putty in the hole..

Thanks again for the advise and the projects I have seen on this site have just has been awesome. When you guys talk about scratch building, wow blown away and very curious at the same time...
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