Snowspeeder that's seen better days


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Building my Nick-made Snowspeeder, finally! I chose to make this an open-paneled affair, and it will be non-specific to any hero model, since it's more fun (and I don't feel the need to swap out the technically incorrect details)... I did remake the canopy though!

It's pretty fun to make a unique one and with all those straight angles, it is easy to do with your eyes closed - a pure pleasure!
I cut myself a lot!
She's all clamped down for the night with JBWeld, buttoned up with a little armature/mount for the 'ol Panavise. Man, this design is hallowed, but it's a shame the pilots have to be amputees to fit!
Yep, the greeblie guts are looking great:cool and as for the pilot being amputated, you can't say that the Rebel Force aren't an "equal opportunity employer":D
That reddish/rusty colour looks good...need to find some of the same type of perforated grating for my Space Station:)
It is Gort (aka Nick Sainton-Clark)'s kit, which was sold to Neisen after he made a handful of kits (this being one of them). It is a WEIRD fiberglass, almost like papier-mâché. Kind of hard to work with compared to resin, as it is very brittle. But so far so good :)
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