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Hi there!
I’m planning to have a photo shoot early December 2019 for a Hannah Alexander Artwork design of Mei from Overwatch.
Now Mei’s character has a robot, Snowball.
I’d like to make a multi-rotor drone that can support 1 lb max of foam or another lightweight material for an exoskeleton.
I’ve never worked with any type of drones before, so simpler the better. I have prop background in swords (wood/thermal plastics/foams), with access to a 3D printer and solidworks programs.

1) What drones out there are under $100, easy to pilot (boyfriend will have to drive during snow photo shoot) and can support 1 lb?

2) What kind of materials should I use? I’m thinking hallowing out foam and using light weight sealers (mod podge maybe?) before painting. Is it better to 3D print it?

3) if I need to build my own mini drone, where can I start?

4) I’m a big stickler to 1:1 ratio size, so this will be taken into account. I’ll be drafting basic size and layout first to then zero in on drone size, alter snowball a tad to fit and go from there.

Thank you!

~Rhoswen Cosplay


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