SNAKE PLISSKEN costume/mannequin so far...


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Yeah, so here it is so far. Few More things to come. Mac-10 holster being made and the Motorcowboy boots are being finalized - then comes the proper sky bails and shin plates/golf spikes to be added. The brilliant Tom "MacLead" from Japan made the pants and plates. Magnoli made this brilliant jacket. Expensive as hell but so worth it. This pic doesn't give it the justice it deserves. The wig's a "70's Russell" no. 6

All I need now's the tracer & lifeclock. Anyone have a mold or one for sale - even if the digital doesn't work, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

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Awesome!! I love the jacket. Maybe I'll see you around Toronto sometime and I'll mistake you for Plissken. haha


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There's rarely anything cheap when you start being obsessed with accuracy :lol
If you're pleased with it when you get it you can send me his details.
Would love to see some more pics of the jacket as I'll be ordering one in the next few weeks.


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Didn't Snake carry a silenced Mac-10 instead of a Micro Uzi? Either way the costume looks great!