snake eyes cowl sculpt


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hi there new to this forum and would like to start my first thread up with 1 of my meny on going projects my gi joe snake eyes sculpt i have been sculpting this off and on for the past cupal of months now useing chavant clay and im now allmost ready to make a plaster mold i hope you like :rolleyes


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looks good so far

(I still have no idea why they felt it necessary to put lips on the silly thing, but oh well.. :rolleyes)


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looks awesome. what kinda tools do you use to sculpt this. i'm looking into doing a clay sculpt myself but i'm not sure what kinda tools work best so i don't waste my money. i did a mask 2 halloweens ago but yours looks better. my only comment is on the visor. in the movie it has more of a compound curve, to achieve this i bought the kids version mask and tinted it using limo tint from walmart. one sheet on the outside one on the inside so it was completely blacked out and i could still see.


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yes the visor you see here is just a card template it will be a curved 1 that i make to go with this mask sculpting tools wish its never a waste of monye you can never have to meny tools i uses detist tools alot for marking the sculpt ect you can use enythink from pens lids ect enythink around the house its a good idear to invest in some good scrapers thow and a chese wire lol i would say if you are buying clay chavant is the best out there in this sculpt i used medium its a very hard clay but im uses to it now jesus i sculpted a 6ft predator body with it lol for people that maybe older ect i would say soft chavant is better i heat mine up before applying it to the sculpt hope this helps


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This is amazing! I just saw the new trailer and it looks like they've redesigned SE a lot for the new film!
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