SMT got a C&D from Lucasfilm!

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Sluis Van Shipyards, Aug 2, 2003.

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    Check over at Starship Modeler ( for details, but SMT got a C&D order from Lucasfilm to stop their Star Wars kits. Maybe this means there is a new license for SW models?
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  3. Sluis Van Shipyards

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    E Williams wrote:
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    Doesn't Finemolds have the license?

    Though I guess they have the Japanese license... An American company could get the US license and release model kits as well, similar to how Marmit and Hasbro are, right?

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    Yeah Japan is only licensed for the FM kits. So hopefully this means a good company comparable to FM get's the license here. If Lucasfilm keeps to their track record that might be why this happened.
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    This really blows. Finemolds make awesome stuff, and if and when they ever get around to a Falcon - I'm ordering a few. I don't think that a bootleg of any item I wanted being available has ever stopped me from purchasing a liscened version of the same topic. if for no other reason I like to set them up side by side and compare. In fact after getting a bootleg of model on a subject I wasn't too hot on (got it as a gift) I liked the subject so much I hunted down and bought various liscened versions (toys and models).

    Code 3 collectibles is making a falcon supposedly accurate - We'll see. I've got one on order. but that didn't stop me from "attempting" to order a falcon from SMT when they announced it. the amount of money that a company like SMT makes doing these kind of projects is relatively insignificant compared to what a liscened replica brings why bother. The only people who buy stuff from companies like SMT are "modelers" or "movie replica buffs" like us, who would * up all the liscened stuff anyway. I do not see how this adversly affects lucas's copyright - but at the same time I have to admit he has the right to enforce it no matter how "petty" it really is in the grand scheme. Hell I've got 5 ERTL Millenium falcons right now in various states of "accurization", who knows how many toy versions of the falcon, a Code 3 on order. If Lucas came out with a replica via MR or something else do you really think I wouldn't buy it because I had an SMT sitting in my Room??? I already have probably a dozen other versions...

    Jedi Dade

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