Smooth-on Flex foam it


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Have any of you guys ever used these before? I'm trying to find out the characteristics of it, specifically the higher density ones like 17 and 25. If you guys could just describe it in any way possible that would be great. I'm going to make a mask out of this, because I found it was most movie accurate so I'm just trying to learn all the properties of this product.


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Depending on the density, it's kinda like a Nerf football. However the surface detail is not very good, it barely self skins, so you need to powder your mold to get good surface.


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When I use the Flex foam 17 for my gun casts, I make a small batch and rub it in with my fingers to make sure I get in every detail, forget a brush it won't apply enough pressure in the corners. Once the foam is gelling I clean off any excess around the edge, then close the mold and pour the rest of the batch. The copies come out prefect. As for the texture I would also say a firm Nerf football.