Smooth On Epsilon vs XTC-3d

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by masternewbie, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Has anyone had the opportunity to compare XTC with epsilon for smoothing/sealing eva foam?

    I'd be happy to share my experiences with epsilon having used for two halloween builds thus far.
    Epsilon is not as "self-leveling" as one may believe IMHO. It took quite a bit of sanding and then I still had to finish with primer/filler spray.

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    I have some Epsilon arriving next week, and looking forward to trying it. Good to know about the "self-leveling", so I'll watch for that.

    I've used XTC-3D, but only on 3D prints, not as a coating/sealant on foam. Seems it would probably work, but given my experience with using on prints, it's fairly brittle when cured, so might crack easily, on a flexible surface. It does definitely self-level pretty well, but it also has a tendency to pool, unless you apply it really thin. Best to use a foam brush, as they recommend.

    I could give some a try and see now it performs.
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    They recommend a foam brush? The picture in the banner add above your post shows a bristle brush.
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    Cool I'm very curious to see how xtc be epsilon performs. I wonder if xtc will has no flex since its made for 3D models? Makes sense :)

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