SMITE - Neith - Carnaval Skin


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Hey! I'm Bear and I'm building Neith's Carnaval Queen skin from the game SMITE. Pretty proud of how some of this is coming along, and despite looking very "not there", there's been a ton of piddly busy work I'd like to show off.


There's a full album over on imgur, currently with around 150 progress photos. I'm not going to flood all of those here but I'll post some highlights and if anyone has any questions about anything in the album, please feel free to ask about that here.


The bra should be welded but that's not something I could make happen so the joints are soldered, coated with a liberal amount of epoxy. The frame does not need to support much tissue so I'm cautiously optimistic. The frame is wrapped in felt then spandex and applique added. Feather portion of the headpiece is made the same, the crown is spandex only, no felt, to reduce bulk.


The shells are 6mm EVA wrapped in spandex. The stones were set on pieces or strips of holo glitter sheeting to more easily set them.


Collar components & crown:

Collar connections to the bra. Builder feels: when the reference has 8 points of contact (3 more on the back) and no clear way in/out. D:

Ever since building a set of barioth armor, I've been a HUGE fan of this rigging tutorial.

So to suit my purpose, instead of the industrial snap/PVC combo, I used leather on leather and sewn snaps, with a lil' Barge for extra measure. I can now snap in and out of this in a few moments as well as wear the collar as a solo piece. :D Probably shoulda put the female sides on the collar so the pegs aren't poking me in the chest but TOO LATE NOW!

Rubber & resin for gemstones

It's like cold casting with glitter!

And I'm changing the design because there is no full coverage of the butt at carnaval. I looked at a looooooot of samba costumes. I saw exactly ONE skirt, and it was sheer, over a thong. So that's what this will be.

Custom stretch velvet thong. Fusible tricot, moleskin lining. Still needs... a lot of work.

Tip for cutting sheer pattern pieces: place your pattern under sheer materials, weight it down then cut with a rotary cutter. I messed up and didn't have a template minus the seam allowance so I trimmed it by hand in haste. Now it's not as nice as it could have been. Jerk.

Stitch info - Stitch number 5 with these settings to stitch the elastic to the velvet and hem the waist and leg holes:

There's still a ton left, the bow is still a template, and a good bit of it is still a pile of sparkly pieces, but I'm really relieved some things are finally coming together.

Builder selfie


Social media selfie