"Smiert Spionom"-tag from The Living Daylights


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Just watched "The Living Daylights" again and quickly decided to make a replica of the "Smiert Spionom"-tag.
I've always thought that it is a neat but effective little prop.

20150329_225553.jpg Smiert Spionom Screenshot.png

Now this is (kind of) a prototype and I plan on doing a better version, so I would like to hear what you think about it and what you think I can do to make it better :)

// Axel
This is a great idea for a relatively simple replica! I love the Dalton movies. Your version looks pretty darn close to the screen prop. Off the top of my mind I'd say the tag wire on the original was a bit thicker.
Have to chime in on what I consider one of the most UNDERRATED Bond films. Looks good for something you just put together. Dalton is my favorite Bond. He was Daniel Craig two decades before Daniel Craig.
For an 80s Bond still saddled with monogamy and other isms from the time of popped collars and STD fears, he did a good job of being an edgier and more physical Bond.

I hope the next movie is more Casino Royale and less Quantum of Solace. More action, less over the top stunts, and no enviro or any other cause PSAs.

The Smiert Spionom tag takes us back to the roots of Smersh and the original Flemming novels. Good prop choice.

I also liked Dalton's dramatic touch that he added to the character of Bond. This phrase appears more than once in The living daylights, maybe you could replicate those props too.
Nice work :)
Thanks everyone! :) I also think that Dalton's version of Bond is one of the best! And The Living Daylights is definitely one of my favorite Bond-movies!

I have now made another version, with a little more accurate font. Sadly I couldn't find a thicker tag wire so I will go with this type of wire right now, and I think it looks ok.

Right now it looks a little to new, but I will let the weathering come naturally!

Raiders March said:
This phrase appears more than once in The living daylights, maybe you could replicate those props too.
Yeah that's right, here's the balloon with the "Smiert Spionom" message on it! That will be the next one I will do!
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