SMDM: Gentlemen we can rebuild him.


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I had recently attended the Toronto Prop Expo in August, I was blown away by all the beautiful builds, props, and the demo's.
I've been stuck in a rut, the last few years, creatively that is. Frustrated with a specific build, that has cost more than I expected. My health which has been in question lately. All of which has taken a toll on a guy, who for the most part has never had these kinda things going on.
When I left there, I was given something that I was missing so desperately, passion.

I was at work and I was thinking about the Expo, my mind running amuck, as it always does. Like a super computer, jumping from topic to topic, then it seem to freeze.
The intro to the 70's TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man. This was as though it was calling to me.
I have the box set, I watched it growing up, I pretended to be Steve Austin in the school yard, with friend's.
This thread is going to be based on the series.
The following will be some reference pics, some acquired from here in fact. Some work in progress pics and anything else I found.
Screenshot_20220826-192701_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20220826-192436_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20220824-065101_Samsung Internet.jpg


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So this is what I have so far.
First I'd like to point out that I was contacted by someone who claimed that they would be interested in selling me Steve Austin's wardrobe.
As much as this excited me, I knew that I couldn't afford it. Besides, that didn't include the iconic red track suit, so I was out lol.

The arm: I was really hoping to incorporate an InMoov animatronic arm that went from the fingertips to six inches up from the wrist. However the current STL files only have servos near the elbow. Now I'm aware that files exist with servos in the hand, but that is far beyond my skill set. So I am going with a Dragonskin FX with pigments to match. The mechanism will be made of steel, hot rolled, 1"×0.125. I would have hoped for a moving model but this will save $$$. I will mention that this will have an Adafruit FX sound board, for the iconic bionic sound. Then I need to make the appropriate case that the arm comes in.

Bionic eye: This was very daunting but I believe that I have it figured out.
Originally I thought that this was a 5/8 thread, but it was bugging me. Am I missing something or over thinking. Sure enough, it's not a 5/8 rather a 1/2 inch, the clear acrylic is giving the illusion of greater size. This piece itself, is in three separate parts. The thread, the sleeve and the curved front. I have a 12mm lens for the iris.
I'm currently waiting for the acrylic supplier to get back to me.

The Fembot or Himbot: At first glance you can see a head from a cosmetic/hair school. I've hollwed out and removed the face. I made the eyes using white polymer clay and a 12 mm lens, I did hand draw the iris. Coated the eyes with resin, but I messed up with the blood vessels, which I will address soon. This too will have an Adafruit FX sound board. Then I would need is a retro 70's wig.

The test plane, ID, belt buckle and everything else should be rather simple.


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Perhaps if the show was created in modern times it would have Oscar Goldman saying "Gentlemen, we can re-print him. We have the FDM and MSLA technology."

For the Northrop HL-10 Lifting Body, check out Northrop HL-10 1:48 Resin Model Kit by Fantastic Plastic

Thanks TazMan, but I think that if I were to buy anything completed for this, it really isn't my build. Yes I must admit that the buckle mentioned just before your comment, did excite me, but at the same time, made me sad.
I will build everything I can.


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I picked up this 16mb sound board, just have to figure how to use it lol. Picking up acrylic rods for the eye, next week. Slowly getting there...
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