Unlimited Run Smallville Light from behind key $34.99


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The light up key was featured a few times. Although most of the time the key was only lit with computer graphics, this key can actually be lit from behind.

This key is constructed from a special mirror coated acrylic that has been engraved to allow light to be transmitted through the symbols. The key consists of 2 1/8" thick sheets of acrylic which sandwich together the mirror material as well as the blue, red and yellow film to create the special effect of colored symbols. From the front you will only see the mirror coating with colored symbols. When a light is placed behind the key, the symbols will glow in color.

  • Please note, that there is no light included with this item. We recommend you do a web search for the terms "lighted display base" "lighted display frame" etc to find just the right light that fits your taste. There are so many available online that it is impossible to meet everyone's taste and budget. So we leave this up to you. If you are the DIY type of person, you could easily wire up some LED lights and make your own back lighting display. Because of the delicate nature of this prop, we recommend handling the prop with a cloth or paper napkin to avoid getting finger prints on the surface.




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