Smallville Dog Tags and SG1 Zat Gun info help?


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Hey guys and gals,

Does anyone know if the Kandorian dog tags from Smallville were produced? I'm also interested in finding out if there's a working Zat Gun out there. Whatever info you have such as pics, leads, sites would be great.


(Note to mods: I'm just looking for info at the moment, so I posted here and not in the WTB thread).


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To my knowledge, no one ever produced the Kandorian dog tags. I did have the Zod one made for a friend for last year's D*C as we recreated the Zod/Clark fight scene from the season finale. I had it black laser engraved on a brushed steel dog tag. The ones in the show were just drawn on with Sharpie black marker to save money and time.

Edit: Here is a pic where you can see the dog tag...
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Correct. No one has openly sold these. There are many custom dog tag makers out there though.

The ones from the show were actually cut vinyl, not sharpie.


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Thanks for the info! It's a shame no one has made them. I'd like to get one as close to the screen used ones as possible but I don't know enough details, like were they the regular sized tags? Would they need to be thicker (since it has symbols on both sides)? I thought I had found a good place but they need some special type of format (vectored ai?) so a basic image isn't good enough and getting that done seems to be expensive. Any ideas guys?


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Padme: I can't see that pic for some reason. It could be due to the size. Could you put it on photobucket or something? I'd love to see it.
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