Smallville Booster Gold Costume


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Thanks to the amazingly gifted Abby Polakow, I was able to bring Michael Jon Carter to life last Friday at Comic-Con International.

I've always been a Booster Gold booster, but Eric Martsolf's dead-on portrayal of the character on Smallville inspired me to place this project on the front burner. Here are a few shots:


"Pure gold, baby!"


A callback to the Justice League Unlimited episode "The Greatest Story Never Told"


"Look, Ma! No briefs on the outside!"
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Bats finally shifted over to big boy undies, lmao, awesome costume by the way man

That rocks!

love the costume,and the new Justice League shot! Is that a varient cover? lol

So AWESOME!!! :thumbsup

Thanks for all your kind words, Super Friends! :cool

FYI, I did a photoshoot in my Booster Gold and Green Arrow costumes this afternoon. I'll post pictures after my friend e-mails them to me.


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Dude that's an awesome costly
Awesome Thom!
Thanks, Tania and cavedwellar! :thumbsup
Batman: "Get off MY FOOT, BOOSTER!"
Ted, my friend, all I can say to that is:
The suit turned out awesome! You ARE Booster Gold!
Yes, it did; yes, I am! ;)
You look fantastic, bud!
I do, don't I? :lol
Great addition to your collection Thom!
If I loved this costume anymore, I'd want to marry it! :love
Your suit is great .
Abby Polakow rocks hard! :cool
Nice Booster suit! It's so neat and awesome.
"Spoon!" :)

One of the reasons I :love being Booster is he's so unlike me. I'm a mild-mannered college professor; he's a preening egoist. But once I put on the suit, I noticed my theater training paid off. The attitude and swagger came naturally... as did the big, cheesy grins! :D

Thanks again for your support and all the kind words! :)
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