Small show-off.... TDK suit - made in 2 days.


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I am sure you guys will notice the blatant discrepancies in the suit - namely in the gauntlets, which I had to make fast - however, for a 2-day job, a Rubies Mask and nothing else, I think I did pretty well.

Every single part of the suit - boots, gloves, gauntlets, belt, bodysuit, cape, everything except the cowl, and even then, I added quite the weave of rubber underneath it, was made from scratch, with as many as 4 different kinds of rubber, the right beehive pattern and hopefully a good enough synthetic leather cape. The only problem with the pictures is that I´ve done it for someone 6´and the guy in the suit is 6´6.... oh, well, I gots to make do.

I hope you guys like it :)




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OK, so let´s do it like this - Ask me anything about it and I´ll respond with as much candor as possible, so you guys can make them as well! :) Since Mosarmini posed the first question, here goes - In materials (NOT counting the Rubies mask, that I had laying around for quite a while), it was about 400-ish dollars.

I can give you guys a step-by-step if you guys wish, of how I´ve done it :) Without pictures, for silly me, I didn´t stop to take them, and I worked alone on that, so I didn´t even think of stopping...

crabra comander

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How much to have you make one for me? $405 + $10 shipping? Alright sounds good and I expect it in three days! (The extra day is for shipping, your welcome)...
Now candor me! And howd you make the boots?


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OK, to answer your questions.... er.... nope. and.... it wouldn´t get to you in 2 days, I live quite a bit away from you, in Brasília, capital of Brasil, it´s about.... a crapload of miles away, so there :)

Anyway, about the boots, I did the usual thing - When it comes to making boots such as these or Jedi Knight Boots, I go to my trusty tool store and buy construction boots. They used to be rough, but nowadays, they´re very similar - sole-wise, that is - to the Batman Boots, and they look nifty when I transform them into anything.

So, I got the boots, and after cutting them to make them readily usable without the shoelaces, I added the long part that goes up the legs, out of a material that hopefully you can see it´s very similar to the used in the movie. Then, after having it so extended, I added the harder parts, and the detail parts. It is really not a hard process, the problem is to get the result you need with all of the detail coming out at first glance AND it STILL being flexible and usable. I mean, the guy´s freaking Batman, he´s not a Greek Statue, so I take extra care when making such a suit, so it ´s always proper to the character.

The boots themselves took me a total of 3 hours from beginning to end, and luckily they worked right from the start, for this would delay me and I could bust the deadline, which is something I don´t like to do.

And Chuck, buddy, let´s work on something, my friend! It´s great to see you around!! :)


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I found a detail picture of it, you will be able to see the beehive fabric I used and the layers of rubber, different kinds, so hopefully this will give you guys more insight on how it´s done :)


Plus, if anyone wishes me to make it, I have nearly unlimited access to that same fabric, those same kinds of rubber, and I would love to see more bat-suits of mine floating around :)



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Wow,that studio shot is very very professional. If you didn't write a description i would of though it was from Dark Knight or something i'm not just saying that. It looks epic!

To see what you've made in 2 days and seeing at how awesome it looks has seriously inspired me to work my socks of on my recon suit.

Look foreword to your future works and keep up the great work :D
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