Small, Afford Laser cutter


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Does anyone have any recommendations for a small affordable laser cutter? Looking only to cut HIPS (thinner than .1") and Acrylic (again, thinner than .1") for cockpit detail parts and other modeling pursuits. As far as stock, if it could handle 8 inch stock, that's all I would need.

Not looking to make a business out of it, mainly just for odds and ends. The setup costs at even mom and pop shops for something as simple as vinyl decals is becoming outrageous.

By affordable, I mean under 1k. I would really like to find something in the 5-700 dollar range. I know I can put together a CNC router setup for less, but the detail I am after, is sometimes hard to get with a router setup.

I considered making my own, but would really like to find a setup that can be ready to go somewhat quickly, rather than me designing/building yet something else. I do get tired of making tools to make other tools, hehe.

Any help is appreciated, or if there is something else than can handle fine detail cuts (if it can cut a .125" diameter circle and eat less than .06" of material, that would be fine) that I am just overlooking, please inform me.


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