Slightly Weathered Luke Stunt V3 Lightsaber

Sold for 300.00 USD
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Spirit of ob1

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Hey guys, I'm gonna have a few weathered versions, I'm not going to go "too rough " with these but some subtle noticeable changes with light dings and darkening. They will be kind of a in-between look. From being freshly new to the old prop look. Let me know what u think !
I was gonna use chrome tape but I slightly polished the areas. looks good! ( chrome Tape can be added upon Request. )


Hilt And V3 Clamp

( Clamp Card and Dring are not included )
Clamp Card- can be bought through Slothfurnace
Dring - can be bought through Wannawange ( MPP Version )

Plus shipping
18.00 USA
65.00 International.

Please PM me with questions

saber 1.jpg

PM me if your interested
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