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Didn't see a paper props thread for this show, so thought I'd start one. Series might be defunct, but I loved the first two seasons...pre shark-jump.

Attached is my mock-up of the Ro'kenhrontes (Sandman) sigil from S01E03. I stand by my PS experience, but my AI skillz...well, please don't laugh. I made the creative decision to not include the void crossing in the center because I suck. I now have about 12 hours of AI experience under my belt! Cheers!

(2 hours of which may or may not include desperately trying to figure out why the little point thingies suddenly ONLY showed while pressing Ctrl and learning the proper term for these are "handles," which finally enabled me to look up WHY THE HECK they disappeared and HOW TO GET THEM BACK! Again, I say may or may not...)


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Interested as well. This was a good series and I have a couple of screen used props .

Lots of files and paper props can be made from this show for certain.

This show can also support non paper props as well. Lots of interesting pieces came out of this and the Mason furniture is awsome.


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Right on! The history, the library ex machina lol It was fun to watch.

Ichabod: "No, what's insane is a 10 percent levy on baked goods. You do realize the Revolutionary War began on less than 2 percent? How is the public not flocking to the streets in outrage? We must do something."

Abbie: "Here's what we can do. No more firsthand accounts of witches or Founding Fathers or doughnut tax outrage unless you want to be sent back to the asylum."

Todays little project made it only this far, and no further. The font isn't quite right, but here it is. Maybe someone else can take it further. It was insane trying to get stills for this. Abby kept moving the pages around. I snipped a clip and dropped the speed to 25% and still came up with a handful of crappy stills. :lol:

Edit: This is Ancitif, the body-jumping demon from S01E11.


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Working on the first page from the Ancitif book reference a la libra ex machina. There are 4 paragraphs, which look mostly like they plagiarized wikipedia (to my Literature professor's disdain). It's a devil to read because Abby does not like to hold it up for the camera! I got about 50 stills and there's just no finishing it based on the resolution I'm working with. Here's what I came up with:

Paragraph 1:
L1: Ancitif is a powerful demon that has been known to jump between bodies on contact. The first
L2: recorded mention of the demon occurred in 1647, when a group of Catholic nuns were
L3: possessed in Louviers (present day Normandy, France).

Paragraph 2:
L1: The initial victim was Sister Madeleine Bavent, only 18 years old at the time. Her confession,
L2: in which she claimed she was bewitched by both the nunnery's director and the vicar at
L3: Louviers, prompted the investigation. Another nun, Sister Barbara of St. Michael, claimed to
L4: have been possessed by a demon that called itself Ancitif.

Paragraph 3:
L1: The nuns also __(illegible)__ in __(illegible)__ classic signs of demonic possession: unnatural
L2: body movements and vulgarities, speaking in strange tongues, obscene language and insults,
L3: _______________________(illegible)__________________________ wounds that healed themselves as
L4: ____________(illegible)__________.
Note: "wounds that healed themselves" does not appear to be a passage in the Ancitif wikipedia page, so they seem to have gone rogue or used an alternate source I've not yet found.

Paragraph 4: Completely Illegible. Presumed text based on dialogue:
"Ancitif is known to be a leader of Moloch's minions fabled to have been sent to destroy disciples." [Presumably, based on dialogue, some text actually saying they used a blessed lantern from the cathedral.] "And the Lord's light shone true and unmasked the wretched creature. Cast from his vessel and unable to cloak his true face, he was delivered back into hell."

Sleepy Hollow, Season 1 Episode 11 at about 20 minute mark: Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny in libra ex machina.

Header graphic attached. Page mock-up incoming.

Update 2020-11-19: Attached PDF is my version of the page, which includes text I think coincides with all available screenshots, dialogue, and I threw in a little French to Middle-English to Modern English jumpled flourish--for the feels.


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Print it out and get some carbon paper and transfer it on what ever you want. We use this technique in the diary s for the art work and pictures


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Thanks! Might do. Already have some carbon paper on order. But really these are part of a side-side-project an most likely need a printed version. I'm working on a mixed medium Demon Hunter kit designed around a priest's travel mass/exorcism kit based on "The Exorcist's" Father Merrin. It will include a travel-sized Monster-of-the-Week encyclopedia demonica for "hunters," as well as a personal Winchester style journal. These two items will be almost entirely a collage of various movie and tv series references.

His journal may include his arrangement of a 1922 raid on a Chicago speakeasy, hoping to clear it of human collateral in an attempt to take down Nik and Rebekah Mikaelson. --or saved a letter from Reverend Alfred Knapp advising on the Hellfire Club. --perhaps driving a weakened Lestat to ground in 1929. --and, of course, he'd surely mention his own encounter with the demon Pazuzu while on an archaeological dig in Kenya in 1949.

I started with vintage photo ephemera based on tons of the great horror flicks and supernatural series' including Bram Stoker's Dracula, Frankenstein, Interview with a Vampire, Children of the Corn, It, Creepshow, Pet Sematary, Pumpkinhead, Hellraiser, etc.


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Any one of these blank journals can make a great choice for a sleepy hollow build


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Ha, I have one, actually. Great minds think alike, eh? :D I do believe I have seen every single handmade journal on the internet...twice. Sometimes I get a little lost in the search.


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S01 E04: The only view of "The Lesser Key of Solomon" we may ever get...translation is presumably the ritual to conjure Moloch.


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S01 E04: "The Flight of Moloch" ... Didn't bother trying for better stills. We have seen this painting in film before. :cool:


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