Sleeping Beauty styled Wedding Photo Book


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This is kind of a prop since it's based on the real Disney prop. I'm in the middle of making a Wedding Photo album for my good friend Sean (Venkman71) and his soon to be wife, Kelly (along with their wedding rings, and other jewelry for the wedding). They're having a true Fairytale styled Wedding in November, Castle and all. So when they threw out the idea of replicating the prop book from Sleeping Beauty, I jumped at the chance to do it. A good friend of mine, that works in the Disney Archives was extremely nice enough to give me several high-res shots of the original book and Kelly liked the cover style of the new Blu-ray box. So she went ahead and mixed the 2 designs together.

Here's the original prop, just an amazing piece of art, all hand hammer. They just don't make props like this any more!:

Here's the cover Kelly likes:

Kelly's Design printed 1:1

I went in and did a color test, using similar colors as the Prop:

It will be made of Brass, here's the main sheet and sheet that will be the outer border, and bezel sheet for the gemstones. Thanks to Industrial Metal Supplies!

I used dykem layout liquid to scribe and cut out the outer frame. IMS couldn't cut it thin enough... sooo gotta do it by hand! fun fun!

Border cut out and a test fit, I need to file and clean up some parts still

All the text and design elements will be hand cut. These pieces still need a bit of clean up. It's already been suggested 2 times that why aren't we just laser cutting it all out... well it's simple, I'm doing it by hand cause I can! What's the point of doing something like this for a very close friend for their special day by cheating and having a laser do it? Besides, where's the fun or challenge in that? It gives me a good chance to mix my jewelry skills with Props!

Majority of the gemstones are not available in the shapes they used on the prop. As far as I can tell, most of the gems on the prop are fake. I'm using all real cabochon cut gemstones and pearls. I'll be using:
- Nephrite Jade
- Chrysophrase
- Carnelian
- Rose Quartz
- Amber
- Moonstone
- Peridot
- Amethyst
- Blue Topaz
- Pink Pearls
- Black Pearls
- White Pearls

I'm at just over 100 carats total weight, not including ~ 30 Pearls.

Another layout test

And this is where I'm currently at. Right now I'm hand making all of the bezels for the stones, have about 12 done so far.

I'll be temporarily mounting the cover to another book for the wedding, and afterward we'll remount it on the final Wedding Photobook. I'll continue to post my progress as I go. 3 weeks left!!!

The final cover will be fine sanded and then seal but it will patina naturally so it'll look really cool in the future!

- Jeff
Brass cover, from a SOLID GOLD friend!!
That is just awesomely stunning!
That inner frame on your drawing, is that going to be stones also?

That inner frame on your drawing, is that going to be stones also?



No, if you look at the real prop, it's raised. Since I don't have the time to do that, I'm going to reverse it and do high polished diamond cuts into the brass.

- Jeff
That is quite awesome! I love her take on the book cover, it looks like you have quite a bit of work ahead of you. Is the wedding Sleeping Beauty-themed?
Thanks! It's a mixed theme. They both work in the animation industry, he worked a lot on Shrek, so there's themes pulled from that as well. I designed her Engagement ring after Belle's from the failed Disney Princess Engagement ring line. They're getting married in a castle back in New Hampshire. He's Irish, so we'll all be in kilts. It's gonna be a really cool wedding.

- Jeff
Do you have a picture of the finished product, I am in love you did an amazing job! I was thinking of doing a replica of this prop!
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