SLEEP Weedian costume build thread


Hi this is my first time creating a build thread and just wanted to create some sort of record of my progress. Im a huge fan of the band SLEEP and there megalithic album DOPESMOKER and really just wanted to have this costume. If you are a fan also or just think you can help feel free to give me your input and advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


First off the I think I need to decide if I want this to be a Medieval style monks habit or some sort of heavily draped hooded jacket or duster. Then Ill start deciding on fabrics. Ill be pulling most of my inspiration from dune fremen, Jawas and tusked raiders.

Second I plan on starting with some sort of respirator or gas mask(cheap) to build the Rebreather(BONG haha). Gas Mask and Respirator recommendations would be rad!!

There aren't many reference images of these dudes and sadly I think the action figure is going to be my biggest help, so feel free to drop any images that I may have not seen.
I am fully dedicated to hand sewing and building every piece of this costume but if you see something that is spot on, easily adaptable and a time saver I'm all for it.

I plan on using EVA for the backpack(BONG haha) and I'm going to install a mini smoke machine so I can leave trails everywhere I go. should be simple enough build but I want to give it a much more worn weathered look like I walk 40 years threw the desert to find Israel with respirator(BONG haha) in hand.

Lastly I need to decide if I want my Weedian to have a face... I have not actually seen a version that had a clearly defined face. Roper and other artist have done faces on newer characters with "similar" vibe but not exactly. So I may end up just using a dark stalking to black out my face but, I'm still undecided.

Well that's about it for now I'm not "great with the words" as they say, I'm just pumped to get started on this thing.
Extra Extra Last if you haven't, go listen to SLEEP-Dopesmoker or any of there albums and let me know what you think.
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One of few weeding costume builds I have seen. love it but I plan getting a bit for detail oriented


The best reference image available. Sadly I don't own one of these but soon I will create myself a life-size

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