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I'm getting closer to being able to start the build!!

Can you believe it's actually happening?

This has been a year of people letting me down when I need things for clients. Even waving money at them does nothing!


It feels good to get a little traction.
Really looking forward to this one Jason, lets see if we can make this the thread of 2012.

Hows your feeling re the pulls, are they as good as you hoped, better or worse?
Will let you know when I get them in my hands - this week!

Yeah, I'm just going to start building and see what happens, lol!
Aw, man, that's a lovely start, J. Can't wait to see what you do with this.

And don't get me started about people letting you down. You gotta have friends, but be careful with "friends." And in my experience there's nothing better than good ol' self-sufficiency and initiative in this hobby. Of course, you're not lacking in either, IMO.

Let me know if I can help with this one.
This will be epic, i can feel it in my left hip pocket :behave
You gots the donors J, just needs your flair, wow, its really going to happen

These are too thin, you can tell from pics - but they're test pulls, to gauge accuracy (hope to god I got that skirt revision correct), and general "feel"... these will be the practice pulls. The sexy ones will be thicker.

(that's what she said!)
Ahh got ya J. So are you double skinning the skirt, i thought at one point we, or more so Allan lol, got to seeing two forms layed over to make the skirt, maybe to make it stronger?
Ya know, it would be a hoot ib itseld just to knock up that cockpit module, hmm, or maybe, then cast it?

True J, could have wayyy more info/ref on her. That said, just look at what info you DO have now, enough to make this pretty much definitive with your nimble fingers.
Its funny, but out of all the mind bending sub assemblies in her, its the wings, building those would be an awesome job, so many layers, so many undercuts, ill stop there before i have an accident :lol

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