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OK, so here we go again. I am starting a new thread for this as the last one was stopped because of issues with file ownership. I am glad to say that those issues have now been resolved and the project, to produce an accurate digital model of this most enigmatic of ships, can proceed. I am using the base mesh files that Guy Cowen spent a lot of time, money and travel to produce. I have always wanted to model this ship and to do it 'right' and now with his blessing, I can hopefully realise that aim

So, I have decided to use an approach that will produce a printer friendly ship without losing accuracy but will be 'idealised' in terms of symmetry and separation of parts. I like the way the Bandai model is assembled with tabs and press fit parts so I have that as a guide

The wings are finished;
SLAVE 11.jpg
SLAVE 10.jpg
SLAVE 9.jpg

And most of the engine bay is done;
SLAVE 2.jpg
SLAVE 4.jpg
SLAVE 8.jpg
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Looks very good mate(y)(y):cool::cool: It's true that Guy Cowen had done a lot of research as well as blood, sweat and tears concerning that particular model:cool::cool:
Thanks. More progress;
Got the underside and back of the fuselage done and added the canopy, nose and wing bells;
SLAVE 23.jpg
SLAVE 22.jpg
SLAVE 21.jpg
SLAVE 17.jpg
SLAVE 18.jpg
SLAVE 20.jpg

Just the greeblies in the wing wells to do, and the mystery, that is the cockpit, to solve...any help on kit ID's would be gratefully received
Coincidentally I got the itch to try and build a replica of Slave 1... to the best of my ability... I was doing some hardcore digging and found this thread! Absolutely blown away by all the effort and talent that has gone into this model! I was going to get the vintage collection Slave 1 and then try and accurize it... but if you would be generous enough to sell the stl files for 3D printing when you're completed... I would absolutely be interested! I read that you might have an Etsy account GEEK1138. I'd love to check it out to see some of your other work too!
It's like a High Tech Toy Store, cant wait to get my Elegoo Jupiter for these..

Thank you so much! I can already tell I am going to get some of these. Actually blown away!!! High Tech Toy Store is right! Just gotta find someone with an amazing resin printer to help out. I truly hope GEEK1138 considers adding this Slave 1. I still can't get over how beautiful this is turning out!

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