Slave 1 model help


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Can someone help ? I need to replace the clear sprue canopy for the 1/72 Slave 1 finemolds model. I tried e-mailing finemolds to ask them for a replacement piece but no luck at all. I've also tried other sources and attempted to make the canopy myself I will pay for who ever makes this clear piece for me.

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Out of production would be my guess.

I'm sure I've seen someone casting a clear part to replace a damaged canopy.... try searching here for any builds, I can't remember who it was.

I might have seen it at SFM or SMA.... I'll let you know if I spot it again. :)


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Yes thank you guys. I 've been wanting to continue and finish this model for a while . as long as I get the part to fit right its all good. BTW I emailed HJL again to see if they can help this time around and still no reply yet.


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Ok guys so far Im receiving responses from the Finemolds sources sadly their parts dept has been completely dismantled due to the earthquake out in japan and they are currently under repairs,however their still might be hope from another source.. Thank you.....
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