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Star Wars SKYWALKER V2... No Longer For Sale

Buy now for 475.00 USD
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Having to sell this saber hurts, but she's got to go. It's an Anakin Starkiller V2 from a few years ago. It's been displayed on a shelf in a pet-free, smoke-free home.

Features are:
-Spinning Emitter
-Gaffer's Tape
-Slothfurnace Card
-Wanna Wanga Lever
-Knob & D-ring from original run
-Clamp says GRAFLEX, but I honestly do NOT remember where I got it, because I had it for a while before the saber run
-I do NOT have a Mystery Chunk

No weathering was done, other than painting with rattle can matter enamel, scraping it away in random patterns, & then gently rolling it in my driveway. If the weathering isn't up to snuff, it can easily be scraped away or stripped to do as you wish.

I'm asking $475/US shipped in the continental US. Anywhere else will be plus actual shipping costs.

If there are any specific pics you'd like, please just ask.

Thank you for looking.

Usagi Pilgrim

Master Member
I believe I'm going to have to be willing to accept offers, as I'm on a bit of a deadline.

NOT DESPERATE... on a deadline.

Thanks again folks.

Usagi Pilgrim

Master Member
Just a few days left on my deadline. I think this could be a great saber for someone with the time & skill to make it screen accurate.

I hate that I need the funds, but my problems could be to someone else's benefit.

Usagi Pilgrim

Master Member
Well, this is my last bump before my deadline. I have the price this low because I need the the funds, so tomorrow, I'll either take it down, or raise the price back to what I think it's worth.

If you're considering it, today's the day.

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