Skyrim Stone Dragon Priest


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I aways wanted to do a Dragon Priest cosplay, but I wanted it to be just that little diffrent from the rest.

So..? I'm gona do some sort of Stone Dragon Priest.

I already moddeld the mask, so next up is to print this pupy.
If any of you know where I might get my hands on,like the shoulder and chest .stl/3d files that would be a great help.

Also, after I'm done with this project Ill post a link in this tread to all the files that have been used in the procces.

Priestmask3.png Priestmask 1.png Priestmask2.png


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Love the Mask.

so, this is one of the better reference pics I could find for the shoulders and chest;

and I'm honestly thinking that 3D printing is gonna be a real waste of time and energy for most of it. the main "frame" that it kind of hangs off would be good to be "hard" printed plastic. but the layered chest piece, front armor, and arm scales you can make out of thick card and just bend it to have the flared ends. For durability you could spray with "plastidip", or just coat with numerous layers of white glue or other sealant of choice. if you want it to look like stone, like the mask, just use one of the various "spackle" type of hobby goops on the finished scale.

I'm just looking at it, and the printing alone is going to take forever, and still probably need a lot of trial and error, or you could cut the "scale" out in about 15 seconds, bend to shape, trim to fit, and be moving on to the next one in less than a minute. Printing, it'd take you a half an hour to an hour just to print a single scale, and it'd be a lot harder to tweak and custom fit.


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Sounds like a plan! I did find the files for the schoulders already. So that saves me some time.
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