Skyrim Nord Dragonborn Helm


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A little project I've been working on for fun. It's doubtful I will do the entire costume, but I decided to do the helmet as a one-off for fun.



Rest of the Set Here/

It's made from styrene, a few rivets, some magic sculpt, and a cheap plastic "soldier" helmet.

If I redid it I would make the horns curve in more, and fix some of the seams. I may still also add some more dirt and grime to it.


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My god i am so jealous of this ..... i was looking at the pep files and went crosseyed ... ugh i gotta get my ass in gear this thing is awesome ! i spend more time playing the game then breathing....


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This is a really nice bit of kit. How long did it take for you to produce, and how much?

I'm curious because I'm planning on trying to create a full Dovahkiin cosplay, based on the version from the various trailers and promo shots.


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So how long before I have to give you a hand making pvc maille again, for this one?

Seriously though, looks good though.



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awesome as. this looks incredible! and i agree with 1up89 it would be great to see some making of pics as this could help of lot of others with this fantastic build!


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The horns were pretty easy actually.

They are a core of thick carstock paper wrapped in tape to make a shape. (Imagine making smaller paper horns first)

Then I went over and sculpted the outer layer on the horns with Magic Sculpt. That layer is what gave it all the shape and definition.

The horns may look complicated, but they were one of the easier parts.


Next year for PAX Prime I've considered doing the whole costume, but who knows what I'll end up deciding on.
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