Skyrim Iron Helmet

Hi! long time lurker, first time poster. I recently started on a gift for my friend. I am building him an Iron Helmet from Skyrim. I used the free file from This was my first project, so its probably going to be pretty messed up.

The first thing i did was printout all of the 30 sheets needed for the helmet. I began to cut, fold ,and glue, and after a couple minutes, i had this.


I kept cutting, gluing, and folding, and after another few minutes, i had this.


I then started on the eyepiece. Because i used hot glue, the helmet warped above the eye(I added too much hot glue. If you are wanting to start this same build, feel free to use any glue you are comfortable with. I have more experience with hot glue, so I went with that.)


I then did the other horn holder thingy.


After this, I forgot to take pictures for a while. All I did during that time was basically repeat all I had done on the right side, but reversed. Then I added the nose bridge. Now the helmet looked like this.


The warping above the eye is clearly visible in the image above. I kept working. Now I had the raised detail going across the middle of the helmet.


Then I did the back plate of the helmet.


And this is where I am now. The Helmet is ready for fiberglassing. I still need to make to horns. I plan to mold this in Rebound 25 and make multiple resin copies. Any comments/constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks for looking!

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wow, i have seen only a few people attempt this build, and they always make theirs really complicated and sell em for like 400 bucks and put like weeks into each one. but this seems like an easy enough project that would cost well under 100 bucks and the final product will come out great! just keep working and post more picks when your done or send me a pm with them pleas:D i really want to see how they turn out, oh and can you pleas oh pleas oh pleas tell me where you got this haha thank you
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Itll be interesting to see how this file works out. I printed out the sheets for this myself a few days ago. Good luck mate.
I just got some horns for the Iron Helmet. They aren't perfect, but they're the best I could find. That said, they are going to need a lot of work to get them Iron Helmet worthy.

I got some more work done today. I finished up the helmet and got the horns mostly sanded.


The picture abocwe shows where most of the warping occurred. One of the eyes ids larger than the other, and I'm not sure which one is the correct size. If anyone knows, shoot me a message.


I know that these aren't the right kind of horns, but I'm not very good at detail work and would rather use these than try to make the correct horns.

This is where I am at the moment. Sadly, this project may be put on hold for a while, as the temperatures where I am are to cold to do any fiberglassing/bondo work. I'll make more posts when I can get more work done.


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The right side (the side with the circles) is the correct look.

Not bad so far, but the cheek guards are flaring out too far at the bottom. However that does look like a mistake in the file and not something you did wrong. I'm guessing this was from the actual game file as there were differences between it and the cover render.

PM me and I can set you up with a set of proper horns.
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