Skyrim Gauldur and Talos amulets


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Pics of the gauldur amulet and an amulet of talos I made, for an australian friend of mine.
Made of modelling clay, and, as with all of my props, soaked in superglue for more strength. Thankfully, I'm quite good with a fishing rod (If I do say so myself) so I managed to get the ropes looking decent as well (i admit, I was just bragging, those knots have nothing to do with fishing)

I've put a playing card there as well, for scale. Photobucket uploaded this image on it's side, no idea why, buy I hope you like them :



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Actual bone huh ? Hmm, sounds like a good idea.

I remember the fishing trips back in the old days, there was a slaughter house on the edge of the town, I used to go there to get maggots for bait :lol they had a huge pile of bones in the middle of a field. Maybe that's a good source for bones ? Times might have changed however, they probably turn those bones into hamburgers nowadays....but it might be worth a shot...

Angelus Lupus

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Nice amulets! The soaking in glue idea is new to me, is it as messy as I imagine, and does it fill in the fine detail/carving?