Skyrim fallout crossover for a friend!


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Hey people!

I need some help with designing a cosplay for a friend!
He's decided he wanted to do a Guard from Skyrim in the style of fallout, im thinking its going to be awesome if I can pull it off since I love both franchises xD

I've been looking at some reference pics but im stuck if anyone has any ideas just really need something to get me started so any help at all would be awesome.

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Hey, sounds like a cool idea, two of my favorite franchises. I not generally one for "crossplays" but this could work. seeing as your friend wants some sort of guard, I see this as somewhat working with a raider. Thinking of a guard, its possible that for the top op the helmet, a custom mini-nuke could work. the mask part could be made to look like sheet metal welded to it, giving the rough shape of the helmet. for the guards robe an old quilt (see thrift shops, they work wonders) could be used similar to the raider Blastmaster armor. add some form tunic, or even an old tractor tire (can be made from EVA foam with spray rubber) over the shoulder, and you have armor. Finally, for the weapons, a "Shiskabob" for the sword, and a shield (perhaps an old garbage can lid) with a Brahmin, Vault-Tec or Nightstalker custom hold seal could complete the look. just add a Pipboy 3000, and a ton of rust, and boom a Fallout hold guard. now about a laser riffle bolt to the knee...
Here's an idea. What about Vault Dweller mage robes. With a more industrial junk looking dragon priest staff or something. Maybe a vault tech lunchbox with a cheese wheel and sweet roll.
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